Garage Door Opener Repair/Replacement In Katy, Sugar Land And Houston, TX

EZ Lift Garage Doors specializes in handling all aspects of your garage door problems. We offer comprehensive garage door opener repair/replacement services across Sugar Land, Katy and Houston, TX.  The certified technicians at EZ Lift Garage Door specialize in repairing or replacing screw drive, chain drive and belt drive openers. We know it can be quite frustrating when your garage door is not functioning the way it should be. It may stop you from getting to work or compromise the safety of your items stored inside the garage. That is why, we provide complete services for homes/offices in Katy, Houston and Sugar Land to get the garage door working like new again.

Signs You Need To Repair The Garage Door Opener

  • The keypad doesn’t work
  • Loud and screeching noise while opening or closing the door
  • Garage door does not open or close completely
  • Safety lights are off
  • Garage door falls suddenly
  • The door reverses on its own

We're The Garage Door Opener Experts Serving Sugar Land, Katy And Houston

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your garage door, it’s high time you call a professional. Garage door opener repair will not only make the door fully functioning but also avoid any potential injuries to you or your family members. At EZ Lift Garage Doors, we will not only inspect and fix your garage door opener, but also suggest ways to prevent such problems in future. We also provide replacement services for garage door openers that have been damaged beyond repair.

Call us at (832) 454 – 3432 for details about our garage door opener repair/ replacement services offered in Houston, Sugar Land or Katy, TX.