All garage doors are the same.

Like other products, garage doors are available in varying degrees of quality, which determines their life expectancy and performance.

All garage door companies are the same.
Many companies use technicians who are sub-contractors. This limits the company’s liability and can expose the homeowner to liability for injury and accidents.

The electric opener lifts the weight of the garage door.
Regardless of horsepower, residential openers are only intended to lift a maximum of about ten pounds before experiencing extreme wear. This is because the openers have plastic drive components. A properly balanced door increases the longevity of your opener.

Increasing the downward force on my garage door opener is normal for aging openers.
The down force is part of your garage door opener's "safety feature". By increasing the force, you actually increase your risk of personal injury and/or property damage.

All repair and replacement components are the same.
Over 95 percent of the replacement parts are designed for minimum life-cycle rating of the industry. Longer life-cycle rated components are available but rarely used, thus limiting warranties and causing needed service in the future.

New garage doors sold with 15 year warranties protect homeowner against failure of the moving parts.
Over 98% of new doors sold offer a one year warranty on moving parts only. The quoted extended warranty applies to the paint finish and panel deteriation only.

All garage doors are noisy.
Noise is generally a sign of impending failure of critical components or poor installation.

Garage doors all look the same.
Today, there are literally thousands of options for doors and design. Remember, on most homes the door is about 1/3 of the curb appeal. Studies have shown that the right door can raise the resale value of a home as much as 14%.

Big box stores are a great source for saving money on garage doors and openers.
There is a significant difference in the design quality and projected longevity of these products. Read warranty information carefully as the big print doesn't tell the whole story.

It is better to buy a new door than repair an existing one.
In the event of needed repair, most repairs can be performed at a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

Garage doors never require maintenance.
As the largest moving object in your home, garage doors are under an immense strain. Routine maintenance is essential for maximum performance.

It is better to wait until something breaks than to repair it first.
Remember the nearly 40 moving parts? They have to work in harmony or they will cause each other to fail. Then there is the garage door opener. Failing garage door components are the single greatest cause of garage door opener failure.

I can save time and money doing it myself.
Write this down...911! Garage doors are potentially extremely dangerous. The average two-car door weighs about 250-350lbs and has nearly 40 moving parts. An average of 20,000 injuries per year are reported due to garage door related accidents.