Signs That Your Houston Garage Door Spring Needs Replacing

Garage door springs are an important element to ensure the smooth functioning of the door. However, frequent use of the garage door, rust, drastic weather conditions and improper maintenance may put stress on the springs, causing them to break. It is important that you regularly inspect your garage door to inspect any problem with the springs and prevent any fatal accidents.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Garage Door

A garage door requires regular cleaning and maintenance to function properly. Periodical cleaning also ensures that you identify any problem at an early stage and save your garage door from further damage. It is important to check that all the mechanisms are functioning in optimum condition.When spring arrives, you can thoroughly clean up your garage door and increase its longevity.

Carriage Style Garage Doors In Houston

Carriage style garage doors were quite popular in the past. However, due to their extensive maintenance as well as eventual fading of wood, these garage doors were replaced by those made of more sturdy and durable material, such as steel. In an attempt to combine the resilience of steel along with the intricate craftsmanship of wood, carriage style doors are now available in a variety of options.

Reasons Your Garage Door Remote Can Stop Working

A garage door remote offers convenience and security as allows you to operate the door with just a click. However, the remote can sometimes cause trouble and stop working. Simple issues such as replacing the batteries can be done easily at home but for a technical problem you must get in touch with a professional garage door repair company.

Benefits Of Installing An Insulated Garage Door

Installing an insulated garage door is a very good option if you are considering upgrading your garage door. Whenever you start to shop around for an insulated garage door, there are two major things that you need to consider: a high R-value and a low U-value. R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. Therefore, a higher R-value corresponds to a greater resistance. On the other hand, U-value is the measurement of the overall heat loss from the door. This means a door with a higher U-value will have lower levels of insulation. So, you need to buy a garage door with a low U-value.

How To Resolve Screeching And Grinding Noises In Garage Doors?

Dec 14 2015

In order to make an optimum use of your garage, you need to properly maintain the garage door. The screeching and grinding noises coming from a garage door imply that it has suffered some sort of damage and need to be repaired as early as possible. There are different ways to put an end to the squeaky sounds emanating from your garage door every time you open or close it. For this, you need to comprehend why your garage door is making a noise.


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