Signs That Your Old Garage Door Needs Replacement

Feb 27 2017

Home owners often tend to neglect the functioning of their garage doors, until the problem becomes severe. To avoid such situations, you must regularly inspect the door for any major or minor faults. You may also hire professionals to assist you in its repair and maintenance. In case the condition worsens, you may need to install a new door.

Listed below are signs indicating that your garage door may need replacement.

  • It Doesn’t Open Or Close Properly – If your garage door is not optimally responding to the control buttons, it needs to be repaired. This problem may occur due to poor connection between control panel and the door or because of an obstruction caused by a broken part. To restore the functionality of your garage door, it is recommended that you take professional help, and if the problem persists, get it replaced.
  • Your Door Makes Squeaky Noises – Damaged doors often produce irritating sounds when opened or closed. This is a sign that either spring, opener bracket, or the opener itself are in bad conditions. The other possible reason for such sounds could be the need of lubrication in certain door parts.
  • It Shakes Inconsistently – If you notice that your door makes oscillating movements while being lifted up or shutting down. It may happen because of some damaged or broken parts, forcing the door to move unevenly.  These faltering movements may lead to complete collapse of the doors in later stages. Therefore, you should not ignore such signs and replace the door as soon as possible.
  • High Energy Bills - Your old garage doors may consume more energy than you could ever expect. You should substitute them with modern energy efficient garage doors. This will help to lower the electricity bills in later stage.
  • The Door Gives A Slow Response – The garage door should open within few seconds of using the control. In case it takes extra time to open or close, it may signify some serious issue in the opener. You should get it inspected by the technicians and replace it with more efficient ones.
  • Sagging Garage Door Sections – To check whether you door is completely damaged or can still be repaired, you may disconnect the opener from the door and open it manually. This will help you to check the balance of the door. If it looks disproportionate and tends to rise or fall, you must get it checked by the technicians and get it repaired or replaced.
  • Door Gets Off The Track - The door must operate within the tracks. If you notice that your garage door continuously goes off the way, this might be the time to install a new one.

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