Preparing Your Garage Door For The Summer

Feb 16 2017

With summers fast approaching, it is the time to give your garage door a touch up. For their efficient functioning, you must ensure that none of the door parts are damaged and all the maintenance issues are attended with utmost care.

Below mentioned are some tips that can help to keep your garage doors in good shape whole summers-

  • Clean The Door – Storing the less used things such as tool boxes, extra furniture etc. can make the garage more prone to accumulate dust. With time, the door parts exposed to these elements also become grubby. To begin the cleaning process, you must wash the door with high pressure water, so that even the toughest dirt can be eliminated. After this you may apply a fresh coat of paint to prevent grime accumulation.  If your garage doors are made of steel check for rust, and on finding any traces of corrosion apply zinc primer. You may also add a thin layer of car wax on both the sides of doors to prevent further dust buildup.
  • Lubricate The Parts – In winters, the doors tend to lose their lubrication and start to produce squeaking sounds while being opened or closed. To ensure it’s smooth working, you must lubricate the parts such as rollers, tracks and hinges. You should also use oil, specifically made for garage doors to prolong their life.
  • Repair The Faults - Ensure that all the cables of the garage door are in proper condition. If they are frayed or worn out, you must replace them by taking help from the professionals. Also make sure that the hinges, ball-bearings, rods and supports are in a good shape.
  • Check Bolts And Springs – To have a well-functioning garage door, you must thoroughly check for any loose bolts, nuts and low tension springs. If even one the elements is found slackly or rusty, immediately replace them with new ones. In extreme conditions, when there are no chances of repair you must get the door replaced.
  • Install Garage Ventilation System – Ventilation is necessary to maintain the flow of air entering the garage. A well ventilated garage is not damp therefore, it is less prone to dust accumulation and corrosion. You can contact professionals to install the ventilation systems on your garage door.  
  • Weather Stripping and Insulation – Weather stripping is imperative to prevent hot and cold air from entering the garage. It is also recommended if you want to keep the garage dry.

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