Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

Jan 23 2017

Almost every homeowner has witnessed a time when the garage door does not open or sticks halfway. Such problems may occur due to improper maintenance or poor installation of the garage door. Instead of panicking and getting annoyed in such situations, it is important that you identify the source of the problem and get it fixed by a qualified technician.

Given below are some of the common garage door problems and how they can be efficiently handled:

Door Stops When Closing

If the door begins to close but sticks in between the tracks, there may be a problem with the sensors. Automatic garage doors have photo eye sensors located on each side of the track that aim a laser or beam of light towards each other. If anything is blocking the photo eye or the laser is not properly aligned, the garage door may not close beyond that level. In most cases, it may be due to dirt and debris that may accumulate over the photo eye. Use a clean clot to wipe off the dirt. If this does not help, it may be due to damage to the laser which needs to be replaced.

The Door Sticks While Opening And Closing

Another problem is that the garage opens or closes properly but may stick at a point while doing so. This may indicate improper functioning of one of the pulleys. Typically, a garage door comprises of four pulleys, two on each side. A slight malfunctioning of any of them can lead to major operational issues. You must call a garage door repair technician to replace the pulley so that you can smoothly open and close the door.

The Garage Door Does Not Respond To The Remote

Most instances of the garage door not responding to a remote or automatic controller arise out of worn out batteries. Consider replacing the batteries in the remote or the controller in your car as well as garage to see if it resolves the problem. You should also check if the switch of the transmitter is plugged in the end wires are properly connected. If replacing batteries does not help, hit the switch that opens the garage door from inside. If this opens the door, it indicates a problem with the sensor, either in the controller or remote.

The Door Opens Halfway And Then Closes

This is a serious issue that may pose safety risks for you and your family members. When you open the garage door, it may go up a few inches or even halfway and then rapidly shut back down. This may occur due to a broken spring in the garage door’s mechanism. As a result, the opener may not be able to bear the entire weight of the door, causing it to fall midway.

Garage door springs under wear and tear on a daily basis. Depending upon the type of spring and the frequency of garage door usage, they may tend to break in due course. Rust, exposure to cold weather, poor installation and improper maintenance are some other reasons for a break in the springs. It is important that you hire a professional to repair a broken garage door spring. There is a lot of tension built-up in the torsion springs and even after being broken, they can be quite difficult to detach. Without proper knowledge and tools, you may end up sustaining serious injuries.

Screeching Sound

At times, you may hear a screeching sound when opening or closing the garage door. This may occur if the door is not properly aligned in the track and rubs along the edges instead of rolling smoothly within it. Improper lubrication of the moving parts, faulty springs, loose track or wheels may also be the potential causes for the noise. Resolving these issues should eliminate the sound coming from the garage door. If not, you can call a repair company to inspect the door and identify the exact problem.

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