Tips To Protect Your Garage Door Against Snow

Jan 03 2017

When winter season arrives, your garage door may not be the first thing that you plan to protect from the harsh weather conditions. However, no matter how resilient and strong it may be, snow/ice may freeze your garage door as well as make it unusable. This in turn, increases the risk of damage not only to your car, but also the other items stored inside. The winter season may subject your garage door to several minor or major damages including:

  • Bent or misaligned track
  • Broken spring or cable
  • An imbalance or shift in garage door weight
  • Cracking, splitting or freezing of rollers
  • Hardware corrosion
  • Problems with weather stripping
  • Improper working of safety reversal system
  • Excessive strain on door openers

In order to protect your garage door from these problems and avoid costly repairs, you need to perform routine maintenance throughout the season, i.e. before, during as well as after the snowfall. Given below is a complete guide to help you:

Before Winter Season
  • Lubricate The Moving Parts: Due to the cold weather, the garage door hardware may stick and freeze if they are not used for a long time. However, lubricating the moving parts may help to prevent this problems and keep the door functioning smoothly. This will ensure that the garage door would not freeze, crack or suffer from frost damage.
  • Replace Weather Stripping: Weather stripping is important to seal all the gaps in the door, minimize air flow and maintain a warm temperature inside the garage. With time, the weather stripping may crack and become ineffective, creating drafts that allow cold air to let in. Hence, it must be replaced with a new one before the winter season arrives. Also, scrape off the sealant with a knife to make it smooth enough to install a new weather stripping. 
  • Spread Salt And Sand In Front Of The Door: Though this does not seem to be related to the garage door, it is important to prevent damage due to a direct collision. During winters, snow and ice may make your driveway slippery, increasing the chances for your car to slip or slide. If this happens, it may cause your car to collide with the garage door and lead to costly repairs. Spreading salt and sand in the driveway will absorb the snow and ice as well as prevent the door from freezing to the floor.
During Winter Season
  • Shovel Snow From Time To Time: Though shoveling is almost a routine task during the season, using the right technique to do it is critical to prevent damage to the garage door. Firstly, you should start shoveling while it is still snowing to save yourself from doing an extensive job later on. Second, if you delay in shoveling the snow, it will exert pressure on the garage door which may lead to dents or chipping of the paint. In some cases, it may also cause the garage door to collapse. Make sure you shovel the snow till the ground so that the area around the garage door does not freeze.
After Winter Season
  • Inspect The Garage Door: Once the snowfall is over, you must check all the parts of the garage door to check for any signs of damage. Cold temperature may cause the metal components to contract or realign. Use a power cleaner to wash off all the salt and sand that may have stuck to the door. Open and close the garage door to ascertain that all the moving parts are working properly. Condensation may also harm the joints if not cleaned properly. Take a dry cloth to wipe these joints and prevent any further damage to them.
If you notice any problem in the working of your garage door, you must hire a professional to get it repaired to avoid any accident or major damage to its components.
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