Maintaining Your Garage Door During Winter

Nov 30 2016

Winters can take a toll on garage doors. Having an unprotected door can bring in freezing air and rain into the garage. Lack of insulation means a colder garage and as a result a higher heating bill. In order to keep your garage door in a good working condition during snowfall and storms. you need to take a line of appropriate measures.  

Common Garage Door Problems In Winters

  • Jammed And Sticky Door: Metal fixtures tend to contract when temperature falls, thus hampering the efficient functioning of garage doors. Try to operate the door manually. If it works smoothly without obstruction, there may be a problem with the motor.
  • Creaking And Squeaking Sounds While Operating: The lubricants in the opener, chains, rollers and tracks may tend to freeze and thicken during winters. This reduces smoothness in the door’s mechanism and makes it noisy.
  • Broken Seal: The seal or weather stripping under the door panel may get cracked and broken over time, allowing the air as well as moisture to seep into the garage.
  • Frozen Gels And Fuel Due To Lack Of Insulation: In case your garage door lacks insulation or if it is not of the right thickness, temperature inside the garage tends to fall.
Listed below are certain factors that can be taken care of in order to winterize your garage doors.

Fix The Seal

Sealing the gaps between garage door can prevent cold air from entering. In case the existing weather-stripping is broken, consider replacing it with a new one. The seal should be of the right thickness and length in order to provide maximum protection from cold. In case the seal is intact, clear it of snow and debris. Use a cloth dipped in a solution of water and a mild detergent to clean it.

Lubricate For A  Smooth Mechanism

In case your garage door opener makes a creaking sound while opening or closing, lubricate all the moving parts such as hinges, springs, gears and rollers. For this you can use a silicon-based lubricant but make sure you do not over or under-do it. You can also lubricate the weather-stripping to prevent it from jamming or sticking to the ground when closed.

Repair The Automatic Door Opener

The opener may not work smoothly in the winter season. It may cause the door to jam half way or it may not open at all. To avoid such situations, ask a technician to examine and fix the issues.

Insulate The Doors To Keep The Heat Intact

Insulated garage doors can help to keep the coziness intact, increase energy efficiency and hence reduce your electricity bills. While wooden doors offer natural insulation, having steel or aluminum garage doors may not be a good barrier for cold. Depending on the weather conditions in your region, you can go by the R-value to select the most suitable insulation. In order to choose the right material, go through the following options:
  1. Reflective Foil: Available in single as well as double foil, this type of insulation uses layers of aluminum, bubble wrap and polyethylene foam. It provides efficient insulation and traps the heat to keep the garage warm. You can choose between sheets and rolls of reflective foil, depending upon your needs.
  2. Panels: There are two types of panels available i.e. fiberglass and foam. While fiberglass panels use vinyl as an insulator, the foam panels are made up of Styrofoam. Both of these provide adequate insulation, are easy to install and have high R-value as well.

Clear The Driveway And Garage Floor Of Snow

In case there is snow, the door is likely to become jammed and sticky. Thus, sweeping away ice and snow from the ground can help to prevent stiffness in the garage doors.
Even though you have an insulated and protected garage, it is recommended to go through the factors mentioned above before the winter arrives. Taking care of the garage doors during winters can thus lend a number of benefits such as improving energy efficiency, increasing longevity of the doors and preventing unnecessary repairs.

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