Reasons For A Garage Door Not Working

Nov 21 2016

Harsh weather conditions and technical issues may sometimes disrupt the smooth working of your garage door. It may get stuck half way while opening or closing and it could be making an unusual noise. There are several reasons responsible for the garage door to not work properly. Some of them have been discussed below:

Batteries Need To Be Replaced:

When the garage door does not respond, it may be because the batteries have worn out.  Make sure you check the remote, transmitter in the car as well as inside the garage and all other power sources to know which batteries need replacement.

The Photo Eye May Not Be Clean:

The photo eyes may collect dirt or debris on the surface because of which the door may not close. Clean the surface of the photo eyes to remove these obstructions. If the door still fails to respond, you can check the alignment of the photo eyes. Any misalignment may send a false signal that there is something in the way causing the door to remain opened. Check the height of both the photo eyes from the ground and match their angle to make sure they are pointing straight at each other.

Worn Out Or Broken Springs:

Torsion springs are attached to the upper part of the door and are responsible for opening and closing mechanism. These springs can work for only a fixed number of cycles. Once the cycles are completed, the springs wear out and break. Even if one of the springs breaks, the door may not open. Consult a garage door technician to replace the broken springs with a new one.

Garage Door Cables May Snap:

These cables are responsible for a smooth closing and opening of the garage door. A broken or loose cable may cause the garage door to respond too quickly which may not be safe. Call a professional to check and get them replaced.

The Door Does Not Respond To The Automatic Opener:

In case the power runs out, the disconnected switch in the garage door opener can be enabled to manually open and close it. If the switch is not replaced after use or loosely plugged, the garage door may not work via opener.

Having A Misaligned Track:

In some cases, the track of the garage door may not be properly aligned. This happens if there are gaps between the rollers and metal track. The heavy weight of the garage doors can cause dents in the metal track and lead to friction due to wearing out of rollers. You can either repair or replace the track, depending upon the extent of wear and tear.

The Range Of Sensitivity Is Inappropriate:

In case the sensitivity is set too high or too low on the garage door opener, it may fail to detect the exact weight of the door. Thus, the door may not open. You should go through the instruction manual and accordingly set the sensitivity level.

The Door Is Locked Manually:

People may lock the door from the outside and confuse it to be a fault with the automatic opener. The manual garage door lock is a security feature and at times people may forget to unlock it. It is thus advisable to check if the door is in lock mode.

There May Be Blockages In The Way:

At times the garage door may lower and reverse half way. This may happen if there are objects blocking the path of the garage door or there is debris built up in the tracks. This may trigger the photo eyes to signal the door to remain open. It is recommended to have the pathway cleared for an uninterrupted movement.

Problem With The Transmitter:

In case you have replaced the transmitter batteries and the door doesn’t respond, check if you are in range. You may also take a look at the antenna for any blockages or damage. Once you have ruled out these issues, you may check the frequency of your transmitter for any interference. Reset the frequency if required.

Garage doors help to keep our possessions safe and the modern advancements like automatic reverse mechanism have made them highly functional. In case your garage door does not work with utmost efficiency, you may check for the factors discussed above. It can help to ensure optimal working of your garage door.

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