Garage Door Safety Tips

Oct 25 2016

To ensure proper working of garage door, regular maintenance is must. It can prevent you from safety hazards and increase the longevity of the garage doors. By getting your garage door serviced on time, you can cut down on the unexpected repair costs. For this, you can always contact a professional garage door repair company

Given below is a list of safety tips which can help to maintain your garage door in a better way:

Monthly Visual Inspection

It is important to conduct a visual inspection of the garage door every month. You should scrutinize all the essential parts including rollers, cables and pulleys for any damage or wear and tear. Also check for loosening of the mounting hardware. If you find any signs of damage, get them repaired as soon as possible. This may help to ensure smooth functioning of the garage door and may save you from any accident. You can even hire a professional technician to get your door inspected.

Door Balance Test

Checking the door balance is equally important. In case you have an automatic opener system, disconnect it to manually move the door. If it fails to open properly, the door may be imbalanced. You must get the repair work done immediately to minimize the risk of potential injuries.

Replace Old Springs

A spring is a crucial element of the garage door which allows its smooth mechanism. Thus, inspecting the springs is vital. If they have completely worn out, make sure you replace them. Wearing out of springs can not only disrupt the functioning of the garage door but can also cause potential harm. In case one spring is broken it is essential to replace it to improve the efficiency of the garage door.   

Regular Maintenance Service

With time, dirt and debris get accumulated in the garage door track which can cause difficulty in opening or closing the garage door. That is why, regular cleaning is must. You can even lubricate the door with grease or oil for smooth functioning of the hinges, track and the roller. If you hear loud noises while opening or closing the door, lubricating it can prove to be quite beneficial. You can also opt for professional maintenance services by qualified technicians.  

Follow The Safety Instructions

There are a wide range of garage doors available these days each having a different operating mechanism. You should always follow the safety instructions mentioned in the manual that comes along with these doors. This can help to maintain your garage door in a better way and save you from injuries that can take place due to improper handling.

Additional Safety Devices

You can install additional devices in your garage door to ensure your safety. Special handles and joints can help in the opening or closing the door. Photo eye or edge sensors can act as a preventive measure against entrapment. Tamper resistant hardware can be installed in the garage door to prevent bracket loosening. These brackets are under extreme torsion as they are connected to the door’s springs.

Check The Roller Chain

The chain of your garage door opener should neither be too tight nor too loose. A tight chain can damage the roller and hinder the movement of the garage door. The garage door may also not open or close properly if the chain is too loose. Therefore, checking the roller chain is essential.

Reversal Test

You must check the reversal mechanism of the garage door. Bring the remote control close to the door. If the door reverses, there is no issue in its mechanism. In the other case, you must get the door repaired or replaced by experienced professionals.  

Once your garage door is installed, it is important to maintain it to ensure its proper working. The above mentioned safety tips can protect you from hazards and enhance the durability of your garage door.

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