Signs That Your Old Garage Door Needs Replacement

Home owners often tend to neglect the functioning of their garage doors, until the problem becomes severe. To avoid such situations, you must regularly inspect the door for any major or minor faults. You may also hire professionals to assist you in its repair and maintenance. In case the condition worsens, you may need to install a new door.

Garage Door Replacement: Factors You Need To Consider

If your garage door is making strange noise while opening/squeaking, squeaking to one side or is damaged beyond repair, it is important to get it replaced immediately. It will not only ensure the safety of your vehicles and other items stored inside the garage, but also prevent any safety risks due to a malfunctioning door. Let’s take a look at a few signs that indicate that your garage door needs to be replaced:

Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

Almost every homeowner has witnessed a time when the garage door does not open or sticks halfway. Such problems may occur due to improper maintenance or poor installation of the garage door. Instead of panicking and getting annoyed in such situations, it is important that you identify the source of the problem and get it fixed by a qualified technician.

Tips To Protect Your Garage Door Against Snow

Jan 03 2017
When winter season arrives, your garage door may not be the first thing that you plan to protect from the harsh weather conditions. However, no matter how resilient and strong it may be, snow/ice may freeze your garage door as well as make it unusable. This in turn, increases the risk of damage not only to your car, but also the other items stored inside.

Most Common Mistakes People Make With Garage Doors

Dec 27 2016
Garage doors can get damaged due to harsh weather conditions or excessive use. However, homeowners can also be liable for its improper working. Lack of maintenance and delay in the repair work are the most common reasons behind poor functioning of the garage door.

Maintaining Your Garage Door During Winter

Winters can take a toll on garage doors. Having an unprotected door can bring in freezing air and rain into the garage. Lack of insulation means a colder garage and as a result a higher heating bill. In order to keep your garage door in a good working condition during snowfall and storms. you need to take a line of appropriate measures.  

Reasons For A Garage Door Not Working

Nov 21 2016
Harsh weather conditions and technical issues may sometimes disrupt the smooth working of your garage door. It may get stuck half way while opening or closing and it could be making an unusual noise. There are several reasons responsible for the garage door to not work properly.

Garage Door Safety Tips

To ensure proper working of garage door, regular maintenance is must. It can prevent you from safety hazards and increase the longevity of the garage doors. By getting your garage door serviced on time, you can cut down on the unexpected repair costs. For this, you can always contact a professional garage door repair company. 



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